Special Regulations Applying to Lake Taneycomo

Special Regulations Applying to Lake Taneycomo

Trophy Trout/ Artificial Area Regulation Overview – The Trophy Trout/ Artificial Area, on Lake Taneycomo, runs from Table Rock Dam to the Mouth of Fall Creek, a distance of about 3 miles. Within this area no “bait” fishing is permitted, all fishermen must have s Trout Permit whehter they are keeping their fish or not, and there are special “slot limits.”

Natural baits such worms, grubs, or corn, "Power Baits" of all kinds, and any scented baits are prohibited.

The “slot limits” cover all Rainbow Trout between 12 and 20 inches and all Brown Trout less than 20 inches. These fish must be released, unharmed, back into the water immediately after being caught. The only trout that may be kept are Rainbow Trout under 12 inches or over 20 inches and Brown Trout 20 inches or over. In addition, all normal “possession limits apply.”

Special Brown Trout Regulations on Lake Taneycomo – Any Brown Trout 20 inches or less that is caught, anywhere on Lake Taneycomo, must immediately be released unharmed back into the Lake. Of the daily posession limit of four trout only one may be a Brown Trout and it must be more than 20 icnhes in length.

Violations of these, or any other regulations, may be reported to the Conservation Department Enforcement Agents through 1-800-392-1111. Calls may be anonymous.

The baits prohibited within the Trophy Trout/ Artificial Area are permitted, the 19 miles, downstream from Fall Creek’s junction with Lake Taneycomo. Although we recommend catch and release, there is no slot or size limit on Rainbow Trout outside of the Trophy Trout/ Artificial Area. The 20 inch minimum size limit on Brown Trout DOES APPLY to all of Lake Taneycomo not just the Trophy Trout/ Artificial Area.

For any addtional informtion please contact either River Run Outiftters or Chartered Waters Guide Service through their web site.