Legends in Concert – a super show of super stars

Celebrity performer Doug Brewin during
performance of Alan Jackson.

Saying the “Legends in Concert Show” is just another tribute show is like saying the “Kentucky Derby” is just another horse race. There are horse races and there is the Kentucky Derby. There are tribute shows and there is “Legends in Concert Show.”

In the typical musical tribute show, the “tribute” comes mostly from the music being played. In the vast majority of cases there is no serious attempt to show or portray the artist as they were when they actually performed the songs. One of the amazing things about the Legends in Concert Show is the recreation of the super star performer by the celebrity impersonators in terms of looks, mannerisms, and sound.

It is about as close as anyone can get to actually seeing these legends perform without seeing the original star. Another neat thing is that each show includes multiple stars that are changed at intervals throughout the season so there is always something new to see and experience.

Tina Turner being performed by
Lori-Mitchell Gay.

Currently appearing are Alan Jackson performed by Doug Brewin, Tina Turner performed by Lori Mitchell-Gay, Rod Stewart performed by Rob Caudill, The Blues Brothers performed by Justin Clark and Bucky Heard and Elvis Presley performed by Dean Z.

The comments of “Drewgal,” who saw the show recently, sums up the majority of the opinions on this show published on the 1Branson.Com Show Forum. Drewgal said, “I can’t say enough good things about this show!! …the show was amazing! …Everyone had a great performance and they were all so friendly afterwards as well. In my opinion, this is a MUST-SEE show if you are in Branson!!”

Each celebrity impersonator performed a set of at least five numbers. Although certainly subjective, the highlight number of each performance would be “Remember When” from the Alan Jackson performance, Deep River” from the Tina Turner’s performance, “Shout” from the Blues Brothers performance, “These Foolish Things” from the Rod Stewart performance and “Don’t Be Cruel” from the Elvis Presley performance.

Although it is the celebrity impersonators doing the tribute that take top billing, it is the seamless addition of the live band and dancers that make the show into a production and the very special entertainment experience that it is. The Legends in Concert Band is composed of Kevin Allen- Guitar-band leader, Mark Owen-keyboard, Lynn Brown- Drums and Brian Zerbe-Bass Guitar. In addition to being great musicians they do a super job of adjusting to the music, style and tempo of each different artist.

The show’s dancers, led by dance captain Stephanie Drey, are Tiffany Powers, Larry Miller, Jamie Cuyearer, Darcie Jones, and Lyra Sprenger. They are involved with the majority of the numbers in the show and their dancing skill and energy, coupled with the shows choreography and costuming are a joy to watch.

The production of the show ties all of its elements and the varying styles of the super stars being impersonated into a unique entertainment experience that stands out even in Branson, “The live music show capital of the world.”

Paul Miller, General Manager, Branson Tourism Center, reminds visitors the Legends in Concert Show has changed theatres this season. They have moved from their old theatre near the junction of State Highways 165 and 76 across from the Titanic to the Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater directly across the street from Dixie Stampede. He also points out that in addition to the access from State Highway 76 there is also convenient access available from Fall Creek Road.