Debby Boone lights up Branson

Debby Boone poses for a picture with Linda
and Larry Hoffman of Norfolk, NE as she visits
with them in the Branson Tourism Center’s.
reception area.

Debbie Boone, who made the song “You Light Up My Life” one of the biggest hits of all time is lighting up Branson. She is in Branson promoting the show she will be doing at the Oak Ridge Boys Theatre during Branson’s Ozark Mountain Christmas. During an interview held while she was making a stop at the Branson Tourism Center, Boone said the show will be a combination of her road show, “Reflections of Rosemary” and a family celebration of a traditional Christmas with all its music and sharing of family.

And what a family celebration that should be. Boone is the daughter of Pat Boone, the granddaughter of Red Foley or as she calls him, “Daddy Red”, and the daughter in- law of singer actress Rosemary Clooney. “Reflections of Rosemary” is a tribute to Clooney. She was an actress and singer who had a number of Billboard chart hits during the 50s with a number of them, such as “This Ole House,” “Hey There” and “Come On-a My House,” making it to the number 1 position on the charts. She also starred with Bing Crosby in the Christmas movie classic, “White Christmas.”

Boone was excited about the fit of her show to Branson’s audiences saying her Branson show, with its combination of great music, sharing of family and experiences through personal, interesting and fun stories and a few other surprises, is a perfect fit. She said, “The audiences that come to Branson appreciate really good music” and emphasized the quality of the music in the show saying, “It is beautiful, melodic, gorgeous music” with great arrangements being played by great musicians.

When asked what song she is currently performing that she had the most personal passion for and why, Boone said that although it could change, depending on the day, her mood, and audience, most days it is “You Light Up My life.” Continuing on, she said, “On any given day that song takes on different levels of meaning to me and the people in my audience.”

Boone said she enjoys the Branson tradition of “meet and greet” where the performers meet with the audience after the show to shake hands, take pictures, sign autographs, etc. She said, “If you don’t connect with your audience then the relationship doesn’t have anywhere to go.”

While she was at the Branson Tourism Center, Debby took the time to meet some of the staff and customers on a one to one basis. As one observed her interacting with them it became obvious that the woman who can sing “You Light Up My Life” with such passion has the same passion for people and was, even if for only for a few moments with each, lighting up the lives of those she was meeting.

Boone will be appearing at the Oak Ridge Boys Theatre Nov. 3 through Dec. 5 as the special guest with the “Country Tonite Show.” The first half of the show will be the “Country Tonite Show” and the second half Debby Boone’s show. For specific schedules, additional information, or to purchase tickets for this show call 1-800-785-1550.