Redhead Express moves to Dutton Family Theatre

The Walker Family a.k.a. Redhead Express.

According to information received from the Dutton Family Theatre, the Walker Family a.k.a. the “Redhead Express,” will be performing their Branson show at the Dutton Family Theatre starting on July 6. Judith Dutton, speaking for the Dutton Family Theatre, said that a more detailed schedule of Redhead Express performances will be available within 48 hours, but that in general they will be performing at either 2:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. depending on the date during the summerwith additional times possible starting in the fall.

“The Walkers are such an inspiration to us!" says Sheila Dutton. “They are wonderfully talented musicians that we have become very good friends with and we are so excited to add them to the lineup at our theater.” She went on to say that they will have three great shows at the theater; The Duttons, Island Fire and the Redhead Express.

The Walker Family website, states that the Walker Family is “equally at home playing straight forward bluegrass as they are playing their own unique renditions of old timey and gospel.” It also points out that the show “showcases their four daughters’ beautiful harmonies, original songs, and increasing musical maturity,” while three talented young boys round out the band and “mom and dad add vocal depth, backup, and guidance to the ensemble.”

Through July 5 Redhead Express will continue to performat the Circle B Theatre. The information stated, “Due to scheduling issues in the Fall and the mid-year expiration of their performance contract, The Redhead Express and the Circle B were unable to negotiate a new contract.” Brett Walker of Redhead Express stated, “The Circle B gave us a home and an opportunity to get started in Branson. We will always be grateful to the Horns for that start.”

Apryll Walker said that a lot of their closest business associates advised them “that the matinee and morning show market would be ideal” for their show. They found that the Dutton Family Theater was a perfect fit. Bret Walker said other factors involved with the decision to move was the location of the theatre on Highway 76, a larger stage and the theatre’s state of the art sound and lighting.

For more information on the Dutton’s, Island Fire or Redhead Express shows contact either the Dutton Family Theater at 888-388-8661. For more information on those shows, other Branson shows, attractions or accomodations, contact the Branson Tourism Center at 800-785-1550.