Mishka bears all at Branson show

During the middle of June there was an unconfirmed rumor going around Branson that “Yakov’s Moscow Circus” would bare it all on or about June 23. Some were aghast that Branson’s family entertainment image might be endangered and at, of all places, “a circus with children in attendance.” That was only of course, until they found out that what the only thing that would be bared was the real bears that would be coming to the circus for a limited engagement.

On June 23, “Mishka the Russian Bears” started their limited engagement at Yakov’s Moscow Circus. Although Yakov’s Moscow Circus is currently performing a limited engagement at Yakov’s Theatre in Branson running through September 7, Mishka, the Russian Bears will only be appearing through July 5.

Information received from Yakov’s Moscow Circus says it features Andre the Clown and International Flying Adagio Star Marina along with a revolving line up of exciting and unique acts including Irina Markova and her award-winning canine troupe with their feline friends, Pavlina Gyumisheva the Human Slinky, Igor & Denis “The Strongmen of Moscow”, National Unicycling Champion Anthony Soumiatin, Boris the Wonder Dog and now Mishka the Russian Bears.

Yakov says, “Moscow Circus is a combination of comedy, adventure, romance, magical family chemistry and exciting human and animal performance art. It creates a fun story for everyone to enjoy.”

Yakov’s Moscow Circus will be appearing in Branson at Yakov’s Theatre on Tuesday through Sunday until September 7. For more information and specific scheduling on “Yakov’s Moscow Circus” and Branson’s other shows and attractions and accommodations call the Branson Tourism Center at 1-800-785-1505 or visit their website www.bransontourismcenter.com.