Branson’s Magnificent Variety Show is aptly named

Joe Tinoco doing "moves" that would make
Elvis proud during the 50’s hit "Hound Dog."

In a town like Branson Missouri, called by some the “Live music show capital of the world,” someone might ask, “Just what makes the “Magnificent Variety Show” ‘magnificent?’” The answer, simply put, would be, “Because it provides a grand, outstanding and splendid entertainment experience for everyone.”

Paul Miller, General Manager, Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected providers of Branson show and attraction tickets, lodging and travel services, provided one of the reason why. He said, “The Magnificent Variety Show enjoys the popularity it does because it has something in it for everyone regardless of age or the type of music they like.”

One of the first things a person seeing the show, particularly for the first time, realizes quickly is that this is a very fast paced and exciting show. The other thing that comes to mind is an appreciation for the planning and attention to detail that has gone into the show’s choreography, flow, and costuming to maintain an almost constant level of anticipation and excitement for the audience.

One such detail is the short videos used during the first half of the show to introduce the music of each decade from the 1940’s to the 2000’s. They are educational, add to the total enjoyment of the show, contain something for both adults and kids and help set the mood for the music that follows. For example, the video for the 1940s included the iconic WWII “Kissing” photo by Life magazine photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, taken in Times Square on Aug. 15, 1945 as the surrender of Japan, formally ended World War II.

When first hearing about presenting the hits of the 1940’s through the 2000’s, some people may not be overly excited, but the “devil is in the details” and the details of this show involves a lot more than simply singing. Almost every number is accompanied by an entertaining production featuring different styles of dancing, costume changes, or some other interesting feature that holds the audiences’ attention and leaves them wondering what is coming next.

It’s not the type of production relating to big sets etc. It’s the type of production that simply entertains as it seamlessly flows from one number to the next. The simple beauty of Joe Tinoco singing Garth Brook’s 1990’s hit “Dance” as Rachel Martin danced; the presentation of the “Tennessee Waltz/” the 1940’s hit “You Are My Sunshine,” sung by “little miss sunshine,” four year old Talya Tinoco; the “Stomp” and the Phantom of the Opera are just a few examples of the amazing versatility of this show, its entertainers and musicians and why this show is entertaining and exciting for all ages.

Even with great production, choreography, costuming and planning when the pedal hits the metal in a musical variety show it is the quality of the entertainers and musicians that determine the entertainment experience the audience will have. The Magnificent Variety Show has a five piece live band made up of Ricky Holmes piano, and Musical Director, Doug Clifford, drums, Brandon Jenson, Bass, J.T. Lynn, key boards and Geoff Clark, guitar. As one experiences their versatility and musicianship during the show it becomes apparent why they are named “The Magnificent Band.”

In a show this fast paced, each of the casts on stage entertainers Joe Tinoco, Tamara Tinoco, Larry Foster, Ryan Walton, Dusty Wooldridge, Elisha Conner, Rachel Martin and Stephani Haygood has to be both an accomplished vocalist and dancer. It is an amazing thing to watch these entertainers perform. Their singing, dancing, versatility and energy is simply “magnificent.” Although her appearances in the show are very limited and strategically placed Miss Talya Tinoco does an excellent job and relates to the oldest and youngest members of the audience in a special way.

This is a magnificently entertaining show filled with excitement, live music and energy that is pure entertainment and enjoyment. For more information and tickets for the Magnificent Variety Show or any other Branson show, attraction, or lodging please call the Branson Tourism Center at 1-800-785-1550 or click here to go to their web site