Country Tonite with T.G. Sheppard is “Timeless” country music excitement

Country Tonite vocalists, left to right, Kenya Wilhite,
Jason Froeschle, Kim Barber, and David Griffin.

New country or old country, Branson’s Country Tonite Show with guest star T G. Sheppard is pure country presented with energy, enthusiasm and talent that is amazing. The power of this show is in the voices of its vocalists, skill and grace of its dancers, the musicality of its live band and the way it has been choreographed into a unique and exciting country music experience.

The first half of the show and the finale was presented by the Country Tonite Show cast and is basically the first half of the show they present when they do not have a guest star for the second half of the show. The “Timeless” country music star, T.G. Sheppard was the guest star for the second half of the show.

Country Tonite’s four vocalists, David Griffin, Jason Froeschle, Kenya Wilhite, and Kim Barber did an excellent job on a variety of country favorites. Although there were many opportunities to hear their considerable talents throughout the show two were especially memorable. One was their participation in the all cast performance of “Rocky Top” and the other was the back to back medleys of “Classic” and “Contemporary Country” during which their individual vocal versatility was displayed one after the other.

The dancing skills of the shows six dancers Bristol Sosa, Jenn Turner, Jill Perry Fitzpatrick, Tim Ehrenberg, Todd Coker and Stephen Feemster were evident as they added the dynamic of their dancing to the country music experience that is Country Tonite. The dancing has been choreographed into the performance in a manner that enhances the overall entertainment experience. In some cases it is subtle and in other cases, as illustrated by the clogging number and the beautiful solo dancing of Todd Coker during the vocal performance of “Home” by Kim Barber, it is a major element of the performance.

The musicians in the Country Tonite show are some of the finest Branson has to offer. Directed by Marty Wilhite who is also the bass player, the musicians of Country Tonite are Randy Luna, keyboard, Nathan Agdeppa, fiddle, Gene Mulvaney on the steel guitar Casey Smith, drums and Mike McAdoo on guitar. Simply said, it would be hard to beat the musicianship and versatility of these musicians as they performed for both the Country Tonite and T.G. Sheppard segments of the show.

T.G. Sheppard performing with Country Tonite
in Branson, Missouri.

The second half of the show was presented by the “Timeless” country music legend, T.G. Sheppard whose career started in the late 70s and early 80s with a string of dozen number one hits and continues today with the launch of his newest album “Timeless” and an extensive road schedule. Using the musicians of the Country Tonite show, T.G. performed number after number of his hit signature songs such as “Slow Burn,” “Last Cheater’s Waltz,” “Do You Wanna Go To Heaven,” Party Time,” “Only One You,” his all-time favorite, “Finally” and many more.

During an interview earlier in the day, in the reception lobby of the Branson Tourism Center, T.G. was asked, “What one thing would you like people who are considering attending your show to know?” Without hesitation he said, “What any performer would want people to know, that you’re the real deal, sincere, love your music, performing it and what you do.”

As T.G. performed, he not only delivered every song with enthusiasm, energy and excitement, but established a personal rapport with his audience by interacting with them in a manner that was genuine and sincere. It is a joy to watch a master entertainer work, interact with the audience and get them involved in their own entertainment experience. T.G. Sheppard’s performance is a testimony to the fact that he’s “the real deal.”

It’s hard to envision anyone caring about country music that would not have a fabulous entertainment experience at this show. T.G. Sheppard will be appearing with Country Tonite at the Oakridge Boys Theatre in Branson Tuesday through Saturday until August 20 and again October 20-24.

Country Tonite vocalists, left to right, Kenya Wilhite,
Jason Froeschle, Kim Barber, and David Griffin.