Yakov’s Moscow Circus is a fairy tale of exciting family fun

Twirling fire bolos are just one of the many
reason why Yakov’s Moscow circus is such
"hot" entertainment for Branson audiences.

As Branson celebrates 50 years of live music shows it is amazing to consider the variety of entertainment those shows offer. Branson shows have it all, from all genres of music, to comedy of all sorts, outdoor drama, magic, thundering horses, and now, during a limited engagement, the action and excitement of Yakov’s Moscow Circus.

The show’s story line is an original fairy tale, narrated on video by Yakov Smirnoff. It is a tale of relationships, love between sisters, young love found, betrayal, redemption, and, as would be expected in a happy fairy tale ending.

The fairy tale is set in the exciting environment of a Russian Circus and, as it unfolds, is artfully woven around the acts in the circus and its characters. From graceful performance on the aerial hoop high above the stage to the final act, a beautiful and exciting combination adagio dance and aerial silk act, Yakov’s Moscow Circus is constant action, variety and entertainment for the whole family.

Unicyclist Anthony Soumiatin is a U.S. National Unicycling Champion and after seeing his act it is apparent why. It’s exciting enough watching him perform one feat after another during his regular unicycle performance, but things go up to a much higher level when he switches over to the seatless unicycle. His jump from one seatless unicycle to the other, virtually a “wheel to wheel jump” is one of the most amazing feats of coordination and agility a person is likely to see.

The performance of Irina Markova’s dogs and cat was a big hit with the audience. Not only was their performance exciting and active, but the costuming, particularly having the dogs come out costumed a lions added a lot to the excitement and color of the act.

From Russian dancing to a touch of classical ballet and adagio dancing, juggling, whips spitting out fire, fire twirling and children in bubbles, this is one circus with something for everyone. Andre the Clown is the common denominator that keeps the action and excitement of the circus rolling from one segment to the other. Whether it’s juggling, plungers, comedy or just clowning around and interacting with the audience, Andre becomes the crowd’s direct interface with the excitement and adventure of circus.

Perhaps the best way to sum up Yakov’s Moscow Circus would be from some of the recent comments made on the “Shows Forum” of Branson biggest message board, www.1Branson.com. One commenter said, “My family and I went and saw the Moscow Circus @ Yakov’s theater last night [August 22]. All I can say is ‘Wow’. What an amazing show. It was a circus and a show tied into one venue. I highly recommend this show to anyone.” Another comment that specifically speaks to those with families is “It’s something that will entertain adults and children equally…!”

Yakov’s Moscow Circus will complete a limited engagement performance at the Yakov Smirnoff Theatre with its last performance on September 7. For information or tickets for Yakov’s Moscow Circus or any other Branson show or attraction please call the Branson Tourism Center toll free at 1-800-875-1550 or contact them through their website www.BransonTourismCenter.com.