Cirque Montage in Branson for limited engagement

Feat of strength and balance performed by
duo hand balancers.

The breadth of Branson entertainment will be expanding with the addition of “Cirque Montage” to its show schedule. The show has been described as an “exciting array of art, music, and skill uniting in a dazzling performance” and adds a new dimension of excitement to the Branson show scene.

During a phone interview, Judy Blake, one of the promoters of “Cirque Montage” said it is a production of Cirque Imagination, a company from Houston, Texas that represents former artists with “Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere, O, Sultimbanco, Alegria and Quidam. “Cirque Montage” is composed primarily of artists from those shows and is currently on a national tour.

After hearing about Branson and coming to Branson to see what it was all about Cirque Imagination decided to bring the show to Branson and introduce Branson audiences to the world of “cirque entertainment.” As a result Branson was added to the tour and “Cirque Montage” will start a two part, 16 performance limited engagement in Branson on September 13.

Blake said that in the typical cirque show there is a lot going on at the same time the artist is performing in terms of numbers of people on the stage special effects and other things. She calls Cirque Montage “cirque lite” in that it emphasizes and focuses on the individual artists themselves as they perform and display their incredible talents and skills.

She also pointed out that in most cirque type shows the performers do not speak or interact with the audience. In Cirque Montage that is not the case. Blake described Cirque Montage as more hands on and said, “It is so important that we connect with our audience.”

The show has been described as “A grand show of circus daring and skill.” Among other acts appearing in the show will be an aerial chiffon performer dangling from high above the stage, incredible contortionists transforming their bodies in ways never thought possible and pole climbers supporting themselves horizontally only by their wrists with nothing but twenty feet of air separating them from the floor.

The Cirque Montage schedule on the Branson Tourism Center (BTC) Show Schedule indicates it will perform eight performances the week of Sept. 13 and ten performances Nov. 29 through Dec. 5. For further information or tickets for Cirque Montage please call BTC, toll free, 1-800-875-1550 or see their web site

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