Local Branson man on Wheel of Fortune

Brian Milton shares his "Wheel of Fortune"
experience thus far.

When the “Wheel of Fortune’s “Wheelmobile” wheeled into Branson on May 9 and 10 thousands of hopefuls showed up for a chance to participate in the preliminary screening process and a chance to appear on the “Wheel of Fortune” show. One of the thousands who showed up to participate in the screening and who survived the process to actually appear on the show was Brian Milton, Chief Financial Officer for the Branson Tourism Center.

Milton said that he was thrilled to be on the show and that he and his lovely wife Stephanie, will be out in Los Angeles on Thursday October 22 for the filming of his Wheel of Fortune appearance. He anticipates that the actual show will be aired sometime during December 2009 or January 2010.

When asked to describe the process Milton said, “I went with the other 10,000 people to the Welk Theatre when the “Wheelmobile” came to Branson and was randomly selected.” He then competed against the others who were selected in a version of the “Wheel of Fortune Speed-Up Round.” A couple of months later he was called back to the Welk Theatre for a pretty intense session consisting of another three of so rounds of auditions and a written exam.

Milton said he was informed sometime in July or August that he had been selected to be on the show. At that time, he was told his appearance would be within 18 months and that he would get about two weeks notice. “Approximately a week and a half ago,” he said, he got the phone call that his appearance would be taped on October 22 in Los Angeles along with five other shows. The shows being taped are all scheduled to be aired in the December January timeframe, but, at this point, he doesn’t know which of the six shows he will be on.

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