Branson’s Dixie Stampede adds “gold” to food, fun and excitement for 2010

Wow, is discovering "gold" always this much
fun and excitement?

In a recent article entitled “Dixie Stampede starts 2010 season with Gold Rush Jubilee and additional access,” published on line in, Paul Miller, General Manager, Branson Tourism Center was asked, “Where in Branson can a person have more fun than there is “gold” in Fort Knox, eat a great meal, see spectacular pageantry and horsemanship and participate in some friendly competition with hundreds of others?” His instantaneous reply was, “There’s only one place in Branson that I know of ‘Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede,’ one of Branson’s most popular attractions and shows.”

When Dixie Stampede opens its 2010 season on February 26 it will be the start of its 16th season in Branson. During that time it has built an unsurpassed reputation for providing an entertainment experience that is exciting and full of fun, food, humor, pageantry and action that brings Branson visitors back time and time again. John Richardson, Director of Sales & Marketing, Dixie Stampede explained that visitors keep coming back because they enjoy the basic food and fun concept of Dixie Stampede and there is always something new and fresh to see.

Article Excerpts:

[Richardson] “We’re just about having fun.” … For 2010 they are adding the exciting ‘Gold Rush Jubilee’ segment.

It will add new music, comedy and sets as the show explores our nation’s western expansion Dixie Stampede style.… Next, a different kind of “gold digger” shows up! Can it be a spectacular entry into the arena via zip line by Prospector Skeeter, the shows comedian, as he discovers the “golden nugget’ and the “Gold Rush Jubilee” blossoms?

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