Be Part of the Legend With Branson’s First Show The Baldknobbers in 2010

The Baldknobbers began Branson’s family entertainment phenomenon in 1959, when the four Mabe brothers began entertaining fisherman on the downtown Branson lakefront. Today, over fifty years later, the second and third generations of the Mabe family continue that family tradition of combining your favorite country classics, with hot-new country hits and hilarious country comedy into a fast paced show. It’s the songs you know and comedy that makes everyone (even the kids) laugh out loud.

The Mabe brothers adopted the name of an old Ozarks vigilante group that held their meetings on a treeless hilltop or "bald knob". So when the Mabe brothers started Branson’s first show, it was just natural to take a regional name.

Second generation and producer, Tim Mabe, known to many as Droopy Drawers, Jr., says, "My dad and uncles founded the hillbilly humor of the Baldknobbers on the adage of the city slicker who comes to town to take advantage of the old hillbilly. And the hillbilly always gets the last laugh. The jokes are different but over 50 years later, it still holds true."

Tim goes on to say, "We are one of the few shows that do an all new show each year. That means all new comedy, new music and even new costumes. And our show is completely live with some of the best singers and musicians in the country."
"The Baldknobbers show is entirely a group effort. Every cast member gets to put their stamp on our new show each year. The Baldknobbers don’t have a star, the show is our star," Tim said.
Second generation Baldknobber and bandleader Brent Mabe says, "All of us play at least a couple of instruments and almost all of us sing—yep even the comedians. It is a pleasure to work with such a great group of professionals, but more than that we have lots of fun. We all love what we do and even if you’re not related to us, you’re still family!"

Longtime Baldknobbers’ fans and new fans alike appreciate the Baldknobbers’ family traditions. It’s the great music and side-splitting comedy that have made this show popular from generation to generation. Come celebrate over 50 years of family fun with The Baldknobbers Jamboree!

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