Gays and Lesbians plan a “gay” Labor Day weekend ?

August 11, 2004 Please see the article entitled, "Man makes false claim of gay days at Silver Dollar City" published in the August 11 Springfield News Leader for perspective on the following piece which was written on August 8, 2004.

An article appearing in the August 6 edition of the Branson Daily News reported on a press release from the Guardian Group (Gays United Against Rampant Discrimination In America Now). The press release announced a “Gay Weekend at Silver Dollar City” over Labor Day weekend.”

Lisa Rau, Silver Dollar spokesperson was reported in the article to have said, “Everyone is welcome at Silver Dollar City…We will not deny selling tickets to this group.” According to the article “Rau said she did not know how large the group was, but since it will be a holiday weekend, the park will be busy regardless.”

When contacted by the Branson Courier on the afternoon of August 6, and asked if Silver Dollar City had “a press release or anything else on the Guardian Group that will be at Silver Dollar City over Labor Day Weekend” Rau responded, “No, sorry …we’re not sponsoring the event, not hosting the event and have very few details — Not even sure they’re having an event.”

Editors Note: A “Google” search for “Gays United Against Rampant Discrimination In America Now” on August 7 revealed no specific web site page for the group and only two 2001 entries relating to the group. It should be pointed out that neither Branson nor Silver Dollar City is “letting anything happen” except to provide their signature family entertainment to all their visitors without discrimination.

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