Fall Creek Bakery- A pleasant step back to the past

Bakers Marvin Patterson and Linda Lewis begin each day before the sun is up. At 5 a.m. the aroma of fresh baked brownies, cupcakes, breaks, cookies, cakes and a large variety of goodies begins to permeate the air as they prepare the days offerings.

Located on Fall Creek Road, about mid way between Wildwood Drive and Highway 165, the Fall Creek Bakery was opened in July 2004 and is a labor of love for Patterson and Lewis. Patterson previously owned a bakery in Branson, but decided to start from scratch with a new business with his friend.

All of the food at Fall Creek Bakery is homemade and priced less than most commercial bakeries. Hot, fresh from the oven items can be obtained during a well-timed visit to the bakery. Besides the typical morning pastries and after dinner dessert, the bakery makes cakes for all occasions including weddings.

An outdoor and inside sitting area allows customers to partake of their pastries right at the bakery. What a pleasant way to take a different kind of break and regroup for the rest of the day.

Although it takes a little effort to find because it’s not right on the 76 Branson Strip, Fall Creek Road is a well used connector road that parallels it to the south and runs from Highway 76, at its east end ,to Highway 165 at its west end. The combination of quality and price is attracting both locals and visitors alike. Lewis said that once people find it they become repeat customer.

In today’s world of conveyer belt and truck delivered bakeries the Fall Creek Bakery offers a unique opportunity to experience the smells, taste, and character of the old time bakeries. It is an experience well worth tasting and sharing with others.

Originally Published In the Branson Courier on Feb. 2, 2005.