Hiking Branson’s Lake Taneycomo White River Corridor Trail

Trail Head White River Corridor Trail

The Branson area has hiking and walking trails for just about every level of expertise. A favorite of the Ole Seagull because of convenience, suitability for families, and beauty is the White River Corridor Trail on shoreline of Lake Taneycomo. This is the trail for those that don’t want to get too involved with nature to do so and get a close up view one of the Ozarks most beautiful waterways, upper Lake Taneycomo.

It is ideal for families and those that want to experience nature in a convenient controllable fashion because its one way length of only four tenths of a mile, eight tenths round trip, is easily accessible and permits its users to turn around and go back to the trail head at any point. Although not paved, the trail itself is a wide level trail that, in dry weather, is suitable for wheelchairs and carriages for at least the first tenth of a mile.

Within the first tenth of a mile hikers will cross a wooden bridge over a discharge creek that provides a beautiful view of its confluence with Lake Taneycomo and a great picture taking opportunity. As is the case all along the trail, this view will change as the lake level rises because of power generation at the dam. This provides for constant changes in the scenery.

The area that the trail gently winds through is a wild life refuge. On any given day, depending on the time of day, year, and the activity and noise on the trail, hiker can expect to see wildlife and birds such as wild turkeys, Bald Eagles, deer, beaver, mink, muskrat, herons, etc. One thing for sure, from the bridge on, hikers will be conveniently and comfortably surrounded by nature.

What the Ole Seagull calls, “Lake Taneycomo’s kaleidoscope” is a unique feature that is viewable early on most summer mornings as the sun rises. Just the early morning fog, drifting over Lake Taneycomo provides an ever changing picture worth remembering; the rising sun however turns it into a virtual kaleidoscope as its rays filter through and eventually dissipate the fog. It is a unique experience that can be experienced most summer mornings if you are at the lake by 0700.

The trail head for the White River Corridor Trail is located at Shepherd of the Hill Trout Hatchery. Located at the foot of Table Rock Dam, the hatchery is is readily accessible, from Branson by traveling south on State Highway 165 from its Junction with Highway 76. It is about a mile south of the Welk Theatre on 165. Just follow the walkway leading from the picnic pavilion located at the north end of the Outlet #2 Parking Lot.

For a full morning, or afternoon, time your visit with a visit to the Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery and Conservation Center. Trail maps and directions are available at the Center. For further information call the Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery Conservation Center at 417-334-4865.

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