Not enamored with Branson’s building codes and permits departments

Just a note to advise that not all “Bransonites” are enamored with the building codes and permits departments. As for working “WITH” or “FOR” citizens in the city limits…that is the joke of the century. The referenced departments are so overwhelmed with the Branson Landing project that ordinary citizens who are trying to remodel or enhance their humble living facilities are falling through the cracks, BIG TIME! We know because it has just happened to our family.

Our house was partially dismantled by our contractor in anticipation of a small addition only to have a moratorium slapped on the whole subdivision/resort effectively halting any construction.Top personnel in the permits department had advised contractor to proceed with “prep” work prior to permit issuance, then issued a “Cease and Desist” moratorium after house was partially dismantled. Now we have paid contractor one-third of contract price up front and will now have to pay to get house reconstructed.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that we, along with many others, have been “had” by the City of Branson who touts on their offical website that they are comitted to their citizens and will work as a team to maintain and promote the growth of the city, as well as provide professional, courteous service to all through fair and open communication. A farce of this magnitude deserves to be dealt with by those whose legal expertise exceeds “Mr. John Q. Branson Citizen”.

If happy citizens are the city’s best allies, then unhappy ones must be their worst adversaries. This household does not fall into the first category.

Elroy and Janell, Branson, MO

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