Hollister School Board votes to put College District on ballot

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Hollister may soon be part of the Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC) District. The Hollister School Board voted unanimously, on Nov. 13, to place becoming part of the OTC District on a future ballot. Dr. Tim Taylor, Hollister School District Superintendent said although the board did not set a specific date for the issue to go on the ballot he anticipates that the board will make that decision in the near future.
Taylor said the reason the school board is involved is because of the recommendation of the Hollister Chamber of Commerce supporting the measure and that legally, the decision as to whether or not to place the issue of becoming part of the OTC District on the ballot must be made by a school board.
Once placed on the ballot it is up to the patrons of the school district as to whether or not the Hollister School District becomes part of the OTC District. Regardless of the outcome, the Hollister School District has no further active roll in the process. Currently the OTC District does not include either Hollister or Branson even though OTC rents and operates a facility in Branson Meadows.
The idea for the Hollister School District becoming a part of the OTC District was developed through a series of meetings with the Hollister Chamber of Commerce starting with a luncheon presentation by officials of OTC. Rob Dixon, Director Operations and Member Relations, Hollister Chamber of Commerce, said that after additional meetings the chamber became convinced that the addition of a full OTC campus in the Hollister area would provide a great educational and training resource for not only for Hollister and the surrounding area but the emerging job force the area will need as it moves into the future.
Dixon shared his opinion that in addition to the reduced rates that students within the OTC District would pay for OTC Courses, the scope of courses offered by becoming part of the OTC District and having a campus built in Hollister will be much more extensive than the, primarily general education, courses offered at the OTC facility in Branson Meadows. Dixon said, “This really does benefit everybody and we’re excited about the endless possibilities that occur when a facility like OTC comes into the community.”
One area Dixon was extremely excited about was work force training. He said, “The really neat thing about the way OTC approaches it is that they are able to tailor their work force development resources to the specific needs of the community.” He went on to say that becoming part of the OTC District will help provide an asset that has endless potential for everyone in our region.
Lisa Westfall, president of the Hollister School Board of Education said the members of the board were impressed by the OTC presentation and that “We are always looking for more educational opportunities for the students of the Hollister school district.” Dr. Hal Higdon, president of Ozarks Technical Community College said that the presence of a community college is beneficial to an area and provides access to a quality, affordable education, furthers job creation, and enhances economic development.
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