Branson parents and teachers batting over “900”

Relatively speaking, if the attendance of parents at the most recent parent teacher conferences for grades K through 8 in the Branson School District, was a batting average, the Branson Schools and the parents of the students in grades K through the Junior High would be in the Hall of Fame with an average of “940.” Averaged on a facility basis, the reports given to the Branson School Board at its last meeting indicate that parents representing over 94 percent of the students in grades K through the Junior High attended the most recent parent teacher conferences held during October.

Shelly McConnell, Branson Primary Assistant Principal, described the parent teacher conference as a “Formal time set aside to continue building school/family relationships and to share updates regarding standardized testing scores, classroom work habits, citizenship and academic progress.” McConnell said, “During parent conferences, teachers share positive progress, areas of concern, targeted growth plans, and discuss ways parents can continue the instructional process at home.”

She emphasized that the parent conferences was just one of many opportunities that parents have had to come into the schools and be a part of social and academic events that help connect, shape, and build home/school relationships. McConnell said, “Our staff recognizes that continual, effective communication with school families is a cornerstone of our school success.” She pointed out that teachers try to maintain contact with the families of students “by writing notes, sending email, making calls, updating websites and blogs, and scheduling regular meetings.”

McConnell reported the Branson Primary school conducted 548 parent conferences and had an overall 90 percent attendance rate, Branson Elementary East conducted 396 conferences with a 91percent attendance rate and Branson Elementary West conducted 479 conferences and had an overall attendance rate of 92 percent. She described the excellent turnout for the parent conferences as “a tribute to the dedication and commitment of our families and staff to ensure the success of all our students.”

The Intermediate School, grades 5 and 6, had a 96 percent over all participation while the Junior High, grades 7 and 8, averaged a phenomenal 98 percent. Brad Swofford, Principal of the Junior High, reported that they had “experienced participation at an outstanding level.” He reiterated the value of the parent conferences as a tool to provide an opportunity for the schools to deliver information to parents, receive information from parents, plan changes for specific students, as needed, and to build trust as parents learn that the school’s have teachers who truly care about their students.

In talking about the overall results and how important the parent teacher conferences are, Brenda Romine, Communications Director for the Branson School District said the relationship between home and school is vital to the quality of education each child gets. She went on to say that the parent teacher conference is another important and vital part of developing that relationship.

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