What a country, what a show, what a man, and what fun

Yakov sharing Laboratory of Laughter with
his audience.

From its “Star Spangled” beginning the audience at the Yakov Smirnoff Show knows they are in for something special. Yakov’s unique blend of humor, personality, natural unforced patriotism and ability to establish a rapport with his audience coupled with great production, costuming, and dancing fulfills that expectation and then some.

As one would expect from America’s favorite Russian comedian there is a lot of funny lines and comedy routines. Most of these routines are built around themes and are introduced by full production numbers.

In the typical comedy show one might not expect much in terms of production, but this is no typical comedy show. The dancers, costuming, and music are excellent and choreographed into the show along with excellent sets to provide an exciting quality entertainment experience. To paraphrase the words of Yakov himself, “You might not have thought about production numbers in a comedy show, but you will now.”

The dancers are referred to as the “Russian Dancers” and are they good. They participate throughout the show in a variety of ways from “Secret Service Agents” to “lab assistants,” but it is their dancing that adds a special element to the show. Two of the dancing highlights are the “Russian Hoedown” and the actual performance of “Russian Dancing.” These are some very talented dancers dancing some well choreographed pieces.

In the first half, Yakov’s comedy runs from the Celestial to the Presidential with lots of laughter in between. Not only does it answer the age old question, “How can women love men,” but answers other weighty questions relating to important domestic and world issues as only “President Yakov” could. A highlight is when the President takes random questions from the audience.

One of the highlights of the second half is the “Laboratory of Laughter” which is a mixture of comedy, psychology, laughter and love. You will laugh at the comedy Yakov used in illustrating the importance of laughter to happiness and love. Yet, some might be moved to tears as he describes his family’s first days in New York and their befriending by their landlady. Either way it is a remarkable and unique journey shared in a warm, funny, and caring way.

Although you might not have thought about laughter being the key to happiness, “You will now.” Among many of the relational nuggets of wisdom Yakov shares is “Never go to bed angry. Stay up and fight” and “It takes two to tickle.” Yakov’s comedic wit, sincerity, warmth and his ability to relate to his audience will definitely not only have you laughing, but walking out of the show feeling happy about yourself and the privilege of living in this great nation.

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