“Rock U Mentally LIVE” a unique gem for families to share

Cast, left to right, Bucky Herd, Chris Skillern,
Angie Skillern, A.J Herd and Ken Brown
introducing theRock U Mentally motto "Don’t
Stand By, Stand Up."

When Branson’s newest show, “Rock U Mentally LIVE” was first announced, it was described as “a hip educational musical adventure for kids of all ages.” The show is now a few performancesinto its limited engagement run at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater and it is all that and then some.

As Branson celebrates the 50th anniversary of live music shows “Rock U Mentally LIVE” adds a unique, exciting, educational and inspirational element of entertainment to the Branson show scene. On any given day, the online show schedule for Branson Tourism Center, www.BransonTourismCenter.com, one of Branson’s largest providers of show and attraction tickets, would show 70 or more shows available for Branson visitors, but in terms of subject matter, presentation and appeal “Rock U Mentally” stands alone.

Its design, music, subject matter and presentation has produced an exciting fun filled kids show. But, from its original music, to the performance of the cast and the way it relates to their young audience and the shows flow from one educational and inspirational “Rock U Mentally” moment to another, it is obvious that the show has been developed and is being presented by some very grown up people who have a passion for what they are doing.

The basic block of the show is the “Rock U Mentally Motto.” Each motto, with its special educational message for kids is introduced by an entertaining, well designed and presented skit. During the skits the audience gets to meet some interesting characters like “Big Al the Alligator” “Ben the Recycle Bag,” the “Mad Professor” and of course “Honey Bee” as she vies to become the mascot of Rock U Mentally.

The message, motto, is presented in the skit then reinforced through the presentation of original music and dancing. Adding to the excitement and kids appeal is the costuming, some neat special effects, and the use of video. Although there is a lot going on, it all flows seamlessly and provides a great entertainment experience for the kids while teaching them about some pretty neat things such as how important they are, air and water pollution, safety, cooperation and recycling.

The cast of Chris Skillern, Angie Skillern, Bucky Herd, A.J. Herd, Ken Brown, and magician Jon Hickstein do an excellent job. Although Chris, Angie, and Bucky primarily sing and A.J. and Ken dance they all work together and interact in a way that holds the rapt attention of the children. It was a joy sitting in the back of the theatre, not only watching them perform, but seeing and sensing the reaction of the children in the audience to what was being presented. It is hard to imagine a parent or grandparent not having a very special time sharing this show with their child or grandchild and watching their excited reaction as they have fun and learn.

Rock U Mentally LIVE’s limited Branson engagement will end on August 15. For information or tickets for this show please call 1-800-875-1550 or click here.

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