Branson’s SIX plus zero equals an amazing “10”

SIX perofrming 50’s medley.

It’s all true the Branson show SIX is the real deal. The SIX very talented brothers present a show that is unique, amazing, personable and one of the most entertaining shows in all of Branson. It is playing to packed house just about every night.

The evening of July 22 was no different and by the end of their performance it was apparent why. The audience, from the more mature to teens just loved SIX. One gentleman from Illinois, looking to be in his late 50s to mid 60s, sitting next to me with four other people pretty well summed things up when he said, “That knocked my socks off.”

Most have heard the old adage "What you see is what you get.” However, the uniqueness of SIX is proof positive that is not true. What you see for the whole show is six of the ten Knudsen brothers Kevin, Curtis, Barry, Owen, Lynn, and Jak. What you don’t see is any live band or acoustical support of any kind, but what you will hear sounds like an accompanying band.

SIX’s advertising says, “You have to see it to believe it,” “Your eyes won’t believe your ears” and “You won’t believe what comes out of their mouths.” Having seen and heard SIX all that can be said is is “You do have to see it to believe it.”

What you will see are SIX brothers singing A cappella, but what you will heard is SIX brothers singing A cappella plus accompanying instruments. Even though the audience is aware of what to expect, as one is sitting in the audience, watching and hearing SIX perform, they find themselves looking for the drummer and the accompaniment. Of course there is none.

The uniqueness of SIX’s act obviously sets them apart however, if that was all there was it is doubtful SIX could be enjoying the success they are. What is as amazing as the uniqueness of their presentation is the quality of their voices, both as individuals and in combination. From their opening number, “Beautiful Day,” to their closing number, “God Bless the USA,” about two hours later, their powerful voices, energy, and familial blessed harmonies provide a musical treat that is special on its own.

Their music covers all types from Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Motown, to gospel, the 50’s and much more. The group’s humor is seamlessly woven into their presentation and the show just flows from one number to the next. In one case they present one of the most beautiful renditions of the Frank Sinatra classic “My Way” and in another the pace changes to a humorous presentation of Wayne Newton’s signature song “Danke Schoen.”

SIX provides about two hours of the most exciting and unique entertainment available in Branson or anywhere else, presented by SIX great entertainers who are dedicated to providing their audience with an unforgettable entertainment experience. The proof of their success is the packed houses they are playing to just about every night. Paul Miller, General Manager, Branson Tourism Center advises that tickets for this show be purchased as far as possible in advance to insure availability for specific dates.

Simply put, SIX is a very special Branson entertainment experience that should not only not be missed, but shared. It truly is a situation where SIX plus zero not only equals “10,” but perhaps a perfect “10.”

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