Why use a Branson vacation planning service?

Probably no place on earth has a choice of more things to do within a smaller geographical area than Branson, Missouri the live music show capital of the world. From lakes to golfing and a choice of attractions, live shows, entertainment, restaurants and shopping that most destination cities of Branson’s size can only dream about, the choices are virtually endless. How does a potential Branson visitor, particularly one who has never been to Branson before, narrow those choices down?

One way is for the visitor to do it themselves by phone, email, or the internet. In a lot of cases this will result in more choices and questions than the person started with. It will definitely involve the investment of time to contact each of the different theatres, attractions, or lodging options the person may be interested in to check on availability, prices, make reservations, and get the answers to any questions they may have etc.

Another way is to use the services of a business providing Branson vacation planning services and selling the show and attraction tickets, lodging, and other Branson services necessary to make the plan a reality. This one stop type of service can save time, frustration, money, help insure availability and good seating at shows and is an easy convenient way to start a pleasurable Branson experience.

Paul Miller, General Manager, Branson Tourism Center (BTC), one of Branson’s largest and most respected providers of vacation planning services, show and attraction tickets and lodging says “One of the primary reasons people use vacation planning services is convenience.”

Miller explained that in the case of BTC, the person would make one toll free call to 1-800-875-1550. At that point they will be dealing with a trained BTC Travel Specialist who lives in the Branson area, can help them get the answers to any questions they might have and will assist them with arrangements for shows, attractions, lodging or other Branson travel services. As but one example of the level of convenience BTC provides Miller said, “We can even make specific tee time reservations for golfers so all they have to do is show up and enjoy their round of golf.”

“One of the primary questions people have about dealing with a vacation planning service,” Miller says is, “How do we know we are dealing with a reputable business?” He suggests checking with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and points out that the Branson Tourism Center is an accredited member of the BBB. The BBB of Southwest Missouri located in Springfield, Missouri, its phone number is 417-862-4222 and its website is www.southwestmissouri.bbb.org/.

Miller points out that another major concern people have is any additional fees charge by the businesses providing the vacation planning services. He advises that some services do have additional fees and service charges that are added. He said the best way to find out is to ask early in the process. Branson Tourism Center has no service charge or fee of any kind. The prices shown on their website www.BransonTourismCenter.com are inclusive of all taxes, include no service charges or fees and are the actual price the customer pays.

“Will we get good seats or lodging accommodations?” is another question commonly asked. Miller explained that BTC enjoys and excellent relationship with all the theatres, attractions, and lodging facilities it deals with and employees over 45 Travel Specialists. He said that combination will result in its customers getting some of the best seats and accommodations available. He stresses however, “The earlier reservations are made, particularly during the busier times of the year, such as Ozark Mountain Christmas, the better the chances are to get the best seats and accommodations.”

Miller said the services of a vacation planning service such as Branson Tourism Center allows Branson visitors to spend more of their time enjoying the Branson experience. Branson Tourism Center can be reached by calling 800-785-1550 or by clicking here to visit their website www.BransonTourismCenter.com.

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