The synergy of a “grand” Branson musical and comedy experience

"New South," in Grand Jubille opening number.
left to right, Scott Leven, Trey Wilson, Jason
Pritchett and Mark McCauley.

In describing the “Grand Jubilee Show,” the “Official Show Schedule for Branson.Com,” powered by the Branson Tourism Center, says, “The high energy and versatility of the entire cast astound audiences. From Country to Gospel and 50’s to modern day, the Grand Jubilee explodes with musical fun to satisfy any age.”A recent on line show review entitled “Grand Jubilee is ‘grand’ Branson entertainment” agrees.

The review starts off with the hypothetical question, “What do you get when you take one of the most talented quartets in Branson and combine it with a supporting cast of some of the best musicians in Branson and a multitalented comedian?” The answer was “A great show and a grand Branson entertainment experience called the “Grand Jubilee.’”

The article indicates that the Grand Jubilee show follows Branson’s traditional “variety show” format offering a combination of very funny comedy and great music. The various elements of the show, its featured quartet, “New South;” vocalists Todd Bradshaw and Jackie Brown; the Grand Band; an extremely funny comedian “Jim Dandy” and its Master of Ceremonies, Mike Patrick have a synergy resulting in one of the most entertaining two hours in Branson.

Article Excerpts:

“New South,” …the featured element of the show.. beautiful harmonies on a variety of music is a wonderful musical entertainment experience in itself, but combine it with great costuming and production and their performance becomes part of a great entertainment experience.

[Grand Band] Their instrumentality, as demonstrated in virtually every number during the show, their solo performance of a Bluegrass LaLaPaLooza and featured performances in numbers such as “Kentucky River,” is outstanding.

Grand Jubilee’s comedy is provided by comedian “Jim Dandy,” played by Jamie Haage, with the assistance of the Master of Ceremonies and “straight man” Mike Patrick and it’s one funny laugh filled routine after another.

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