Branson’s newest show- – Act of God

Welcoming a new show in Branson, Missouri is becoming as common as opening a show on Broadway.Branson is home to more than 100 shows and over 40 theaters, and has been a favorite destination for vacationers nationally and internationally for over a quarter of a century.Many of Branson’s seven million seasonal guests come to the Ozark Mountain resort to see their favorite celebrities croon along side clean country humor.Billboards litter both sides of the 40 mile stretch of highway 65 from Springfield as more smiling faces than you can count compete for your attention.But there’s one show you won’t see unless you’re looking for it.If you see the billboard for this show you won’t see sequin studding, big-hair, Tammy Fay mascara or Osmond smiles, just a simple logo comprised of the name of the show superimposed over a doll-like image of a man lifting his arms in the air.

Act of God is well disguised as a musical variety show, but it won’t take long to realize there’s more to this production than meets the senses.Act of God is the epitome in Christian fun.It’s music veers slightly from the traditional Branson Southern Gospel mold and features ten memorable original Christian songs ranging in style from Gospel to Country to Broadway, but what’s truly unique about the show are the four separate stories that make up the lion’s share of the production.The first sketch is a Game Show farce where contestants discover the true meaning of their name.Next is a “Carol Burnett style” comedy where members of the Body of Christ discover their significance.A classic drama entitled “The Prisoner’s Task” balances out the slapstick fun as you’re shown all things are possible through God.The last segment consists of a fast paced “Who Done It” where Sherlock Holmes, Moses and Solomon lead us on a search for the root of all evil!The adventure is further illustrated through the use of a functional book that stands over 10 feet high, and, when open, spans 16 feet and serves as the backdrop for each segment.

“Each story or skit is derived from the Lord’s Prayer.We used characters that today’s audiences could relate to, and kept it light since most people around here are on vacation,” says John Lindsay, writer producer of Act of God.”We hoped to give the Branson audience something more than mere entertainment.With a name like Act of God we’re already being held to a very high level of expectation, and so far no complaints.”Finding the right singers and actors we’re told was an act of God in itself, and, because God was allowed to take part in the casting, these talented singers and actors not only have a true love for Jesus Christ, they also share a level of professionalism you would be lucky to find through a national talent search.

Act of God’s encouraging stories and songs will do more than entertain and inspire you and your family or church for two hours.It will penetrate the soul and satisfy a hunger you may not have known existed, but the most surprising thing about Act of God will be what you’re able to take with you when you leave.

It was wonderful how the comedy enhanced the message.Even our thirteen-year-old enjoyed it. – Lori Graham Bakker

Many shows in Branson are fun and entertaining but “temporary”.Act of God is all that and lasting. – Ozark Christian News

Performances for Act of God are currently Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 10:00am, through September 4, 2005, and Tuesdays through Sundays from September 6 through December 10.You can find more information about Act of God online at

For further information or to purchase tickets on line click here or call 800-590-0155.

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