Branson illusionist Kirby VanBurch in new theatre for 2006

In its own way it’s almost magical, but for Branson’s 2006 season, Kirby VanBurch, will “reappear” in a theatre that he “disappeared” from after the 1998 season. Obviously, a lot has transpired in the meantime not the least of which the theatre has undergone a couple of ownership and name changes. In 1998 it was the “Palace of Mystery” since then it has been the “Magical Palace” where Bart Rockett performed, and most recently, for the 2004 and 2005 season, it was known as “The Musical Palace” where the “#1 Hits of the 60’s Show,” which will be performing at the “Branson Showcase Theatre” in the Branson Mall in 2006, performed.

Located on Highway 248 just west of the Shepherd of the Hills Expressway and Highway 248 Junction, the theatre was recently acquired by Wirestream Media, Inc., who also acquired the “Gaslighter/Showtown Theatre,” located just north of the junction of Gretna Road and Highway 76 in 2005. The theatre will now be called the “Kirby VanBurch Theatre.”

Wayne Hicks, CEO of Wirestream, said , “Our intent is to … refurbish, and redecorate both properties so that they are real homes for the first class entertainment we have planned.” In explaining Wirestreams’s intent and commitment for its Branson properties Hicks continued, “Our intent as a producer of fine live entertainment is to consistently bring the Branson audiences first class production, great facilities, and the opportunity to experience the vast entertainment value in our line up.”

A recent press release said, “Plans for renovation of the new Kirby VanBurch Theatre include a lobby facility for displaying and Housing live exotic animals, as well as revision of the back stage animal compound that would allow ticket holders the opportunity to visit directly with Kirby and Bambi VanBurch and see the animals close up and personal.

VanBurch, the Prince of Magic and International Award-Winning Magician, celebrates another magical season with never-before-seen illusions. Kirban, the endangered white tiger, leopards, lions and other exotic animals will perform amazing feats to make this show great family entertainment!

Audiences will see Kirby and his wife, Bambi, as they make a helicopter disappear at the World’s Largest Magic Show.Millions have been amazed!”

VanBurch said, “Bambi and I are very blessed and excited about this opportunity. We have wanted to bring back our Christmas Spectacular to the Branson audiences, expand our animal family, and allow our public to view our pet family members in an intimate setting. The opportunities that Wirestream has provided for us meet all those desires.”

Performances started in the new theatre on Feb. 15.

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