Is Branson changing too much?

Why is it that a town that was made so popular because of its old fashioned charm,wonderful music, old fashioned look & feeling of Silver Dollar City, & the country atmosphere of the lake area, has to try & change all of that & become a big city atmosphere with all the lake landing area being developed & all the development of business after business. All, I might add, with the same old same old items to sell. All made in China or Japan.

For years ( about 30 years ) my family has been drawn to your area for all this old fashioned peaceful country charm & all the unique handmade things to buy .All the great craftsmanship. For the last 5 to 10 years, each visit gets more & more disappointing. Give us the old fashioned way of life for a few weeks a year of the old downtown Branson. Keep the old downtown area the way it was, that’s what has kept us coming back for so many years. Other vacation spot choices are starting to look better & better.

Miss the old Branson. Gloria, Houson Texas.

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